Operant Chamber App Pro Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

The Skinner Box - How Games Condition People to Play More - Extra Credits

This week, we talk about Operant Conditioning, and its unfortunate overuse in modern game design. Come discuss this topic in the forums!

Words at War: The Veteran Comes Back / One Man Air Force / Journey Through Chaos

Major Dominic Salvatore "Don" Gentile (December 6, 1920 - January 28, 1951) was a World War II USAAF pilot who was the first to break Eddie Rickenbacker's ...

Suspense: Crime Without Passion / The Plan / Leading Citizen of Pratt County

A crime of passion, or crime passionnel, in popular usage, refers to a violent crime, especially murder, in which the perpetrator commits the act against someone ...


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